For the past few months, I’ve been engaged in the content creation for fifiqin.com and lots of graduation matters. Meanwhile, I kept myself updated with the latest dynamics from the housing market, the luxuries market and China’s financial market reform with little in-depth thoughts. Suddenly I spot in news that Shanghai will be the headquarter of BRICS Development Bank, and, as a result of tactic maneuvering, India will chair the BDB for the first tenure. These are exactly what I have analyzed in my last article BRICS and the Global Economy, which is a great inspiration for me to continue research in the field of economics and global finance. 

For a brand new start, I’d restructure this site into a webzine synthesized of information and opinions from the world of economy, finance, lifestyle and luxuries. FiFinomics is, and will be, dedicated to the intricate correlations between data and market, in the effort to approximate the haute quality of life to the sublime.

With love, 
FiFi Qin 
Editor in Chief of FiFinomics

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